That Moment

Emotions in Travel

Behind the appearance of the events lies the reality of our emotions. Travelling stimulates our awareness and predisposes us to enhanced emotional states. That Moment is a travel book that explores the emotional response to travelling.


Which considerations does a visit to a fish market in Tokyo before dawn stimulate? Which feelings does travelling across a mysterious Siberian island that is frozen in time engender? What’s our reaction to close encounters with other mammals? And to meeting men and women stuck in the Bronze Age? How do you feel when you are jailed in a faraway place or get lost in the Arctic? How does the burden of history condition your experience? What is our reaction to exposure to unfamiliar religions and practices? How do we deal with love, passion and death while travelling?
Sixty-nine true stories across five continents explore our emotional reactions to the experience of travel, including feelings of elation, adventure, awareness, tension and fear, anger, sadness, fun and humour, and hope.


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